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Canine Massage

When you find out what massage is all about, you may wonder why you didn’t do this for your dog much sooner.

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Regular maintenance, both at home and at the groomer helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and their hair free of tangles.

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At Canine Touch and Tell not only do we encourage massage and grooming, we also encourage you to participate in our workshops and classes:

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About Sandy Benoit

Sandy Benoit

Sandy is a Certified Canine Masseuse.  She is also trained in Canine First Aid, energy and chakra healing.

Sandy was originally assisted by her guide dogs Carleton and Jet, who were instrumental in more ways than one, in bringing her to this practice.

Little did she know that her search for alternative therapies for Carleton and Jet would lead her into this new career.  As Carleton developed different and persistent health problems, Sandy investigated alternative methods of care that would not deviate from or interfere with the veterinarian’s diagnosis and treatment, yet would encompass a variety of sound healing methods which have proven successful.

Today, Sandy and Orban wish to share over 20 years success with other caring dog owners.