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Canine Massage

When you find out what massage is all about, you may wonder why you didn’t do this for your dog much sooner.

Human and canine massage are very similar.  Our muscles, while connected a little differently, act the same way.  Dogs and people suffer from pretty much the same disorders and aliments.

You know the science.  It’s widely accepted now that petting your dog helps lower your blood pressure.  The same is true for your dog!

The Benefits

We are proud to say that there are a multitude of reasons why to choose canine massage therapy, such as:

  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Reduce both Stress & Tensions in the Muscles
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Relaxation of Muscles Spasms
  • Improved Energy Level
  • More Vibrant Coat
  • Helps Mobilize & Remove Toxins

An overall stress reducer for both you and your dog.

When does my dog need a massage?

The frequency is up to you.  Every dog can benefit from a massage therapy.  It works well as preventive medicine.  Here are some thoughts on when massage can be particularly beneficial:

Is your dog suffering from pain or stiffness?

A tight muscle scar issue built up from a previous injury: Toxins and waste products not properly flushed from the body can all cause discomfort.  By massaging the muscles and tissues, we can relax them enough to allow the blood to flow freely and to its job.

Is your dog a sport companion or show dog?

If your dog is a sport companion or show dog, massage can be used to warm up or cool down for competitions, helping to minimize the risk of injury when dogs are asked to perform things their body may not be ready to do.


Regular maintenance, both at home and at the groomer helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and their hair free of tangles.

An essential routine for your dog’s wellness

As much as visits to the vet and exercise are part of your dog’s wellness routine, grooming is also important as it helps ensure your dog’s skin and coat are healthy.


Grooming includes ear cleaning, brushing, trimming, bathing and more all of which benefit your dog’s overall health.

Regular combing removes dead undercoat which aids in your dog’s natural ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also prevents and removes tangles.

Breed-specific grooming helps to maximize the health and function of your dog’s coat.

Nail trimming must also be done on a regular basis as it helps prevent injury caused by over-grown nails.

During grooming, your dog’s skin and coat health will is checked which can help identify any changes that may require further attention.

How often should I make an appointment?

While there are different requirements for each breed and each dog is an individual, visits to the groomer are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks for an expert, breed-appropriate trim, ear cleaning and an overall check of the skin and coat as a great way to spot early changes in your dog’s overall health.

Of course, brushing at home is another excellent way to spend more time bonding with your pet in between visits to the groomer!


At Canine Touch and Tell not only do we encourage massage and grooming, we also encourage you to participate in our workshops and classes:

FitBall™ for FitPaws™

This fun indoor exercise improves your dog’s health and your bond with your dog. FitPaws consists of exercises with the use of FitBalls. FItPaw exercises increase your dog’s balance, core strength, flexibility and balance. It can also be used in your pet’s rehabilitation after an injury or operation.

Join one of our exercise classes (please check the calendar) or call to book an appointment.


Join us in one of our workshops to learn the basics of massage for your canine companion.

Check the events calendar for the next massage workshop.

Special Events

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